• 1 oz South Afrika Krugerrand 2023

    Manufacturer Rand Refinery
    Weight (grams) 31.103
    Pure silver content (grams) 31.10348
    Fineness 999
    Dimensions 38.7mm Diameter, 2.84mm Thick
  • 1 oz Australia Coat of Arms


    This .999 fine Silver coin is the second release of the Royal Australian Mint Coat of Arms series, inspired by the New South Wales coat of arms. There is a limited mintage of 50,000 coins in this 1 oz Silver size.
    Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
    Each coin comes in an individual capsule.
    Obverse: Features a lion and pointed stars from the New South Wales coat of arms, with the British Cross dividing the background and eight British Tudor roses, and also includes an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and the motto “Newly risen, how brightly you shine.”
    Reverse: Features a kangaroo, Merino sheep, wheat and the floral waratah. Surrounding the NSW banner is each state’s floral emblems with the rays of the rising sun.Manufacturer: Royal Australian Mint
    Dimensions: 40.6 mm
    Weight (grams): 31.103
    Fineness: 999

    Plastic capsule

  • 1 oz Australian Brumby silver coin


    The 2023 Brumby 1oz silver coin showcases Australia’s wild horse, known as the brumby, symbolizing the country’s national character. The coin features two Brumbies running side-by-side through the Australian outback. The design includes inscriptions of ‘AUSTRALIAN BRUMBY,’ The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark, the coin’s weight, fineness, and the year-date. The obverse displays the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

    The coin includes a micro-laser engraved letter that enhances its security against counterfeiting. This feature is detectable under magnification, making it more difficult to replicate the coin’s authenticity. It comes presented in a protective acrylic capsule, preserving its condition.

    Manufacturer: The Perth Mint

    Weight (grams): One Ounce

    Pure silver content (grams): 31.10348

    Fineness: 999.9

    Dimensions: 40.9mm

    Plastic Capsule

  • 1 oz Austria Wiener Neustadt Vienna

    Austrian Mint
    Country Austria
    Fineness 999.0
    Total Weight (Grams) 31.1035
    Pure Metal Weight (G) 31.103
    Diameter 37mm
    Thickness 3.2mm
    Face Value €1.5
  • 1 oz China Panda Silver Coin 2024


    Minted by the Chinese State and issued by the Chinese central bank, this 2024 silver bullion Chinese Panda coin weighs 30 grams and contains 99.9% fine silver.

    For 2024, the reverse face of the 30 gram silver panda coin portrays a mother Panda and her baby. The reverse face also shows the coin’s face value 10 Yuan, and the coin’s weight and purity, ’30g Ag 0.999′.

    The obverse face of the 2024 silver Panda features striking imagery of the Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The scene is encircled above by the words “People’s Republic of China” in Chinese and with the year of issue, 2024.

    Country: China
    Weight: 30.00g
    Product number: 20693
    Series: China Panda
    Mint: China Gold Coin Incorporation
    Purity: 999/1000
    Diameter, mm: 40.00
    Face value: 10
    Currency: Yuan
    Product packaging: Plastic capsule
  • 1 oz Fiji Robocop 999 Silver Shaped Proof-like Coin


    Dive into the world of Robocop with the 2024 1 oz Fiji Robocop 999 Silver Shaped Proof-like Coin. This remarkable coin, minted with pure .999 fine silver, features a captivating proof-like quality that highlights the intricate details of the iconic Robocop design. With a limited mintage of only 5,000 pieces, this coin is a coveted treasure for enthusiasts of science fiction and numismatics alike. Each coin comes encased in a protective capsule, ensuring its preservation and luster for years to come.

    Product Features

    • Design: The coin boasts a unique shape that replicates the Robocop, rendered with precision and attention to detail that fans will admire.
    • Finish: The coin’s proof-like finish enhances its visual appeal, making the Robocop figure stand out with stunning clarity.
    • Metal Content: Composed of 1 oz of .999 fine silver, this coin marries the intrinsic value of precious metals with unparalleled design quality.
    • Series: The Robocop image encapsulates the themes of law, order, and technological advancement, resonating with collectors and sci-fi aficionados.
    • Mintage: With a strict limited mintage of just 5,000 pieces worldwide, this coin is a rare addition to any collection.
    • Packaging: Each coin is presented in a protective capsule, safeguarding its condition and making it an impressive display piece or gift.
    • Legal Tender: Issued as legal tender under the authority of Fiji with a denomination of 50 cents, adding a layer of authenticity and collectibility.

    Denomination 50 Cent

    Purity 999

    Country Fiji

    Mintage 5000

    Series Robocop


  • 1 oz John Wick Continental Coin

    • John Wick
      The John Wick films follow a ruthless and feared assassin who emerges from retirement to seek vengeance on old foes in the criminal underworld. In this secret underworld, goods and services are not purchased with traditional currency or credit cards, but with gold coins exclusive to their community. These coins play an important role in the movie by allowing John Wick to purchase everything from firearms to clean suits.
    • Obverse: Features a lion in stride with a large shield in the background. “Ens Causa Sui” and “MMI” can be read along the top and bottom.
    • Reverse: Shows a blindfolded woman holding a sword and shield in one arm and a bouquet of leaves in the other. Above is the Latin phrase, “Ex Unitae Vires.”
    • Each round weighs 31.1035g and is 999.0 fine silver.
    • Minted by Apmex.
    • Struck to a bullion finish.
    • Diameter – 39.00mm.


  • 1 oz Koala Silver Coin | Royal Australia Mint 2024


    This coin marks the debut of this new series from the Royal Australian Mint. The Royal Australian Mint plans on this to be an annual series featuring a 1 oz BU silver coin, a 1 oz BU gold coin, and a 1 oz proof silver coin. This coin marks the first koala to be produced on a coin from this mint, as well as the last time they’ll use the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

    The obverse side of the 2024 Royal Australian Mint Silver Koala Coin features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Notably, this first release in the overall series marks the final time the Royal Australian Mint will use Her Majesty’s effigy. Identifying marks of the coin surround the image.

    The reverse field of the 2024 1 oz Silver Koala Coin showcases a unique koala image. The koala is seen looking to its left, amidst a forest background.

    Country: Australia
    Product number: 201349
    Series: Mixed Coins
    Mint: Royal Australia Mint
    Purity: 999,9/1000
    Currency: Australian Dollar
  • 1 oz Kookaburra 2024


    The 2024 Australian Kookaburra 1oz Silver Coin was struck by The Perth Mint, Australia and is limited to a mintage of only 500,000 coins.

    The reverse of the coin features a detailed image showing a kookaburra in flight, clutching a snake in its talons. Also included in the design are the details of the coin’s year date, weight, and fineness, along with The Perth Mint’s ‘P125′ mint mark to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

    The obverse of the coin bears a portrait of His Majesty King Charles III, with the coin’s monetary denomination shown below. This is the first kookaburra coin to feature King Charles’ effigy.

    • Contains 1 troy ounce of 999.9 fine silver.
    • Manufactured by The Perth Mint, Australia.
    • Struck to a bullion finish.
    • Diameter: 40.90mm. Thickness: 3.50mm.
    • Limited mintage of 500,000.
    • Supplied in a protective coin capsule.
  • 1 oz Krugerrand Silver Coin 2024


    The 2024 1oz silver Krugerrand coin from South Africa.

    The Rand Refinery in South Africa originally released the gold Krugerrand in 1967 creating the first bullion coin and changing the way people buy gold but it took until 2017 for a silver version of this iconic coin to be released. Just like the gold version this coin features a bust of the South African statesman Paul Kruger on the obverse and a Springbok, South Africa’s national animal on the reverse.

    The 2024 1oz silver Krugerrand coin contains one troy ounce of fine silver (31.103 grams) and has a face value of 1 Rand.

    Country: South Africa
    Weight: 31.1035g
    Product number: 21610
    Series: Krugerrand
    Mint: Rand Refinery South Africa
    Purity: 999/1000
    Diameter, mm: 38.7
    Face value: 1
    Currency: Rand
  • 1 oz Legendary Warriors Alexander the Great


    Alexander the Great, born in 356 BCE, was a fearless Macedonian ruler and military genius who conquered a huge empire including the eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, Egypt, and some parts of Asia in a short amount of time. Alexander earned the title ‘the Great’ due to his success as a military leader who never lost a battle, despite often being outnumbered.

    This silver round is the fourth release in the ‘Legendary Warriors’ series. The first three releases in this collection were Eric Bloodaxe, Julius Caesar, and Achilles. Future releases are expected to include: Alexander the Great, Spartacus, William Wallace, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, Leonidas I, Miyamoto Musashi, Arminius, Attila the Hun, and Hannibal.

    The reverse side of the fine silver round features a detailed design showing Alexander the Great on horseback, engaged in battle. He is depicted raising his sword aloft and holding a shield bearing the face of Medusa, to strike fear into his enemies.

    The obverse of the round bears a bundle of weapons to represent the ‘Legendary Warriors’ series. The round’s weight and fineness also appear.

    Product Type Coin
    Weight 31.1
    Country USA
    Manufacturer Silvertowne
    Fine Content 31.1
    Condition New
    Fineness 999
    Finish Bullion
  • 1 oz Litecoin Chad Crypto Series


    For the first time in history Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are being recognized as legal tender in The Republic of Chad valued at 5000 Central African CFA Franc per 1oz silver coin. The limited supply of only 75,000 coins (25,000 in each currency) won’t last long!

    With the Republic of Chad recognizing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as legal tender, it won’t be long before other countries follow suit. Another historic event and a big win for the cryptocurrency community, this coin is a must-have, if not as a long term investment but merely a symbol of a well earned victory!

    Year 2020

    Metal content Silver

    Purity 999

    Mintage 25000

    Weight 1 oz

    Diameter 38.9 mm

    Thickness 2.6 mm